Is your Business Resilient?

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Vice President of Business Development

Katheryn started her career in the tech industry at a startup, eventually moving into a position leading the technology team at an internet search firm. She brings expertise in enterprise software, strategic sales, go-to-market strategies, Saas technologies and product marketing. A supporter of the arts, Katheryn is into museums and travel, especially to Disneyland, near her home in Orange County, California.

Disjointed solutions work against businesses as they strive for resiliency 


Issues within organizations, often unknown or “we’ll make do” mentality, have rapidly come to the forefront recently. 

Many of these items have yet to be addressed or are using a “band-aid” type solution that isn’t really getting you the efficiency and productivity you must have to successfully compete. 

Here, we’ll address some of the challenges you may be facing and ways you can remediate 


Evolve your solutions 

Most likely, you had to make quick decisions to get your team working fast.  Take the time to evaluate the platforms and tools you are using.  Make sure they are still suitable for how you’re working now, and what your plans are for the future.  Have a strategy for moving forward and a solid plan with where you want your organization to be, so you can plan your platforms and tools accordingly. 

Making adjustments is okay and should be looked at as being agile and resilient with your clients and resources. 



Are your files being emailed, shared between resources and clients securely? 

This can be hard to determine and using a solid, reliable, password protected file share is a great start to ensure your content and your sensitive information is secure. 


Dispersed content and resources 

Can you quickly and easily find what you’re looking for?  Can your team? 

Not only does emailing documents and assets expose you to security risks, it also wastes valuable time in finding the information you need.  A centralized repository is a great way to keep your content in one location, secure and easy to find what you need, quickly. 


With staff working remotely, is everyone using your tools consistently? 

With everyone scrambling to work remotely and using a variety of tools to enable that experience to work, there can be a lot of confusion around how/what/and where to use which tools and when.  Be sure that whatever systems and processes you’ve implemented that you have solid governance and documentation to ensure your teams are using these systems properly and reduce confusion and frustration. 


Have any questions about these areas?  Please reach out We’d be happy to show you the solutions and platforms that both our clients and we use here at Artic.   

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