It’s Summertime! Baseball and Automation?

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Katheryn started her career in the tech industry at a startup, eventually moving into a position leading the technology team at an internet search firm. She brings expertise in enterprise software, strategic sales, go-to-market strategies, Saas technologies and product marketing. A supporter of the arts, Katheryn is into museums and travel, especially to Disneyland, near her home in Orange County, California.

Baseball and Bat

Yay! It’s nearly summer and that means we’re well into baseball season!

Why does this make me think of building custom automation solutions (besides peanuts and cracker jack?)  Because, here in Orange County (where I am located), we are big Angels baseball fans.  And looking at the uniforms this year, we noticed one of our clients, Foundation Building Materials (FBM) is now on their jerseys!  It’s pretty cool to see a local company (but also nationwide!) doing so well and having exposure on Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani’s sleeves.

This reminds me of a really interesting project we started with FBM to help gain efficiencies in outdated paper-based processes to help them save time and modernize.  The best thing about this?  There was no need to purchase any additional software.  Artic was able to use their existing Microsoft 365 tools to build a custom system for their procurement team.

Modernize Processes Using Automation and Microsoft 365 Tools

FBM, a nationwide building materials supply company, had a paper-based equipment requisition process that involved several people and departments.  The legacy process involved filling out a form, obtaining approvals from multiple managers and the CFO, and could take days, leading to delays in procurement and a ripple effect within the company in getting needed equipment in a timely manner.

Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint and the Power Platform, Artic partnered with FBM to:

  • Organize and complete a detailed business process flow with the goal of creating an automated solution.
  • Create and deploy a new custom solution, digitizing forms and automating workflows with approvals and triggered reminders.
  • Train the FBM team on how to manage the new resources.

This solution:

  • Resulted in a 75% reduction in procurement time, giving managers the flexibility to approve requests from anywhere on any device.
  • Created an estimated savings of 360 person-hours per year.
  • Eliminated mistakes and delays made with paper forms and manual routing.

FBM signage behind home plate at Angels Stadium. Automation and BaseballBefore building the procurement solution, FBM had to get onto SharePoint Online:

  • Artic interviewed and worked with the CTO and department leads to determine their requirements and designed a wireframe of the new portal that interweaved the company’s branding and culture.
    FBM wanted their company values to be prominent on the SharePoint site, and we accentuated those values in a large module that is noticeable to all employees.
  • This also included a custom employee Q&A module using Power Automate and a PowerApps form to enhance employee engagement and gather important feedback for the organization.
  • This included training for FBM staff on how to manage the new SharePoint portal, set permissions, and use Office 365 applications to collaborate on documents to keep the platform updated and easy to use.

More Features at your Fingertips!

Achieving efficiency is crucial to success. Organizations need to find ways to maximize resources, minimize costs, and optimize processes.

The good news?  Your organization most likely already has tools available to help get your processes modernized and automated.

If you have Microsoft 365 for productivity (think Outlook, Office, Excel) you probably already have Microsoft SharePoint.  Simply add in Power Platform and you can build powerful solutions to help achieve your business goals.

Using SharePoint, along with your existing Microsoft accounts means everything is easily integrated.  This includes built-in security and compliance features, making solutions built easy to access and use.

Some of the projects we’ve worked on were using tools and platforms already available to our clients, like FBM.  Artic primarily provides support and guidance in getting the most out of your investment in these tools and creating solutions for collaboration, process improvement, and automation.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Artic Consulting provides expert assistance in streamlining your organization’s manual processes. Our team of experts will work closely with your team to analyze the scope of the project, estimate the required time, effort, and cost, and leverage the power of SharePoint and the Power Platform to digitize your systems.

If you’re interested in transitioning from manual to automated processes, consider partnering with Artic Consulting and check out our SharePoint Implementation services.


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