Data and Business

Get more value from
your data

Leverage business intelligence reporting with improved data governance to enhance business insights.

Centralize your data
and save money

Improve and streamline your communication and decision-making with centralized data systems.

Free your team to
focus on business

Ensure your team is focused on their core business responsibilities, not data management.

We offer the following services individually or in combination. It’s in their integration that we can truly deliver transformational impact for your business.

Cloud Databases using Azure SQL

Here at Artic, we are experts at migrating and maintaining data in the cloud, using tools such as Azure SQL databases, SQL Managed Instances, Cosmos DB, or other platforms. We ensure that our clients applications are in a place of stability and growth while understanding costs.

Business Intelligence & Data Dashboards

Artic creates reporting that highlights key KPIs so you can accurately measure your business and empower decision-making. We can aggregate reports into informative and insightful dashboards, ensuring business groups in your organization have the visibility to the right information from anywhere, on any device.

Data Warehousing

With the the growing consumption of data, Artic can architect a centralized, intelligent data platform for your organization to enable more informed business insights. This creates a foundation for consistent data governance and accurate reporting across the enterprise. Artic also ensures backup and contingency planning to protect and secure your data at all times.

Case Study

Our team at Artic Consulting helped a large publicly-traded company to improve a key internal process using automation through Microsoft’s Power Platform, resulting in a 75% reduction in average overall duration of the process.

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What I appreciate about Artic is they took the time to understand our use cases, then worked collaboratively with my team to deliver a solution that exceeded my expectations. Their strong technical skills stand out, but I feel their ability to effectively communicate is what separates them from others.

Michael Gilman
Assistant Vice President, EDW Infrastructure

Analysis on Data and
Business Insights

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