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Katheryn started her career in the tech industry at a startup, eventually moving into a position leading the technology team at an internet search firm. She brings expertise in enterprise software, strategic sales, go-to-market strategies, Saas technologies and product marketing. A supporter of the arts, Katheryn is into museums and travel, especially to Disneyland, near her home in Orange County, California.

There are many complexities and challenges in managing grants for a Nonprofit. Several dates and deliverables to manage, resources to organize, and grant proposals to submit!

Grantors are asking for more details, more information, and if you are awarded a grant, activities required on an ongoing basis are required to continue funding. And nonprofits need funding!

At Artic, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with managing grants. And we love making life easier for nonprofits. That’s why we’ve developed the Artic Grant Management Solution, a digital system designed to simplify and streamline the entire grant management process.

Efficiency and Collaboration at the Core

Our system offers a consistent experience and flow across your organization, significantly reducing errors, missed dates, and missing details in your grant proposals. With the Artic Grant Management System, you can expect:

  • Automated Processes: Initiate new grants or track and review grants in queue with minimal manual work, creating an efficient process through to post-award.
  • Effective Collaboration: Work with your team on grant proposals more effectively and centralize grant information to avoid rework and duplication.
  • Digital Transformation: Say goodbye to paper. Our 100% digital solution ensures all necessary details are captured and recorded, tailored to your organization’s needs.
  • Financial Management: Manage financial and budget needs with custom calculations for awarded grants, ensuring consistency in processes and workflows.
  • Reminders! Don’t miss a date or deliverable with automated reminders and task management to keep your team on track to ensure a timely grant proposal.

Get up and running quickly with trusted and secure systems
Our solution utilizes Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Power Platform to guide the end-to-end process, focusing on document and data storage, automation, tracking, and notifications. With reporting views, including post-award visibility, and calendar notifications, we ensure that you have all the tools necessary for effective grant management.

A Partner in Your Success
Start a Conversation with Artic on how we can help streamline and automate your grant process!

Reinvent your business.
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At Artic, we absolutely love partnering with great people. Whether you want to have us jump in and help you with your business, or would like to join ours, please send us your information and we’ll get in touch.

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