Artic’s Azure Assessment


Decided to move to the Cloud?

Let Artic help you take advantage of all the Cloud has to offer by expertly migrating your organization to Azure.

Artic will take the time to expertly work with your team to determine the time, effort, cost for your organization to migrate to the cloud.

This assessment will also include details on possible cost savings and how to optimize to get the most out of all that the cloud offers, and if Azure is the best solution for your organization.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Artic will provide this assessment to give you all the data you need to understand your company’s path to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.


  • Artic will work you and your team to understand your organization, structure and future plans
  • This will include understanding and learning your organizational challenges and goals from both business and IT groups
  • Understand your organization’s technology background, roadmap, and goals

Activities and Objectives

  • Workings sessions with your team from both business units and IT with our Azure experts to review your current state, challenges, and goals
  • Determine the drivers for migration and understand your desire to migrate to the cloud and your estimated outcomes
  • Thorough understanding of your architecture, applications, environments, platforms, etc.
  • Understanding of your current and future security, backup, disaster recovery and data governance models
  • Review of your organization’s current development and IT team for skillset level with Azure


  • Overall Azure migration assessment and assumptions
  • Review of Azure migration options
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Migration phases
  • Azure roadmap
  • High-Level Estimates, including Azure costs, services, and ongoing support
  • Gap analysis and recommended training plan for your IT resources
  • Proactive next steps for your organization

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